Mission Hills Real Estate Market: A Comprehensive Analysis

Mission Hills Real Estate Market: A Comprehensive Analysis

  • Nick Emerson
  • 09/25/23

Mission Hills is one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Diego and certainly one of the most desirable. Boasting many homes built in the early 20th century, this community takes great pride in its history and the many highly acclaimed architects who have lovingly crafted its beautiful properties, each one with its unique character. Mission Hills’ historic homes are carefully restored and preserved so their original beauty is allowed to shine. It is no wonder that the Mission Hills real estate market remains sought-after, and the area maintains a level of class and old-world elegance that is hard to find in most places.

Home Architectural Styles in Mission Hills

Mission Hills is located just minutes from the San Diego Airport and a short stretch up the highway from the coast, with properties perched on hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean that offer grand, sweeping views. The area’s architectural styles are vast, from Craftsman and Spanish Colonial Revival to Prairie School. Buyers will also find eclectic vernacular architecture, which combines a mix of modern and traditional attributes in a custom-tailored home.

Mission Hills’s interesting mix of architectural styles, impressive location, and rich history lends itself well to the community’s two historic districts, interwoven perfectly between more recently constructed homes and a range of boutiques and shops.

San Diego market trends

In order to make informed decisions when buying or selling properties, it’s essential to research the area’s median sales price. In doing so, this provides sellers with invaluable insight into how to price their homes accurately. At the same time, buyers can use this information to help determine their budget, ensuring they stay financially secure long after they close on a home.

To gain a better understanding of the Mission Hills housing market, it’s essential to research San Diego’s own market trends and conditions. As a neighborhood in San Diego, Mission Hills real estate can be affected by the city’s own market fluctuations. In July 2023, the median sales price of single-family homes for sale in San Diego sat at $1,160,000, a year-over-year increase of 2.4%. The city’s active listings were 533, and homes stayed on the market for an average of 10 days before going under contract.

Mission Hills real estate market trends

As one of San Diego’s most sought-after neighborhoods, Mission Hills boasts a higher median sales price than its city, sitting at just over $1,515,000 for the month of July. The number of homes sold in this exclusive area dropped from 35 in June to 32, a year-over-year decrease of 30.4%. In July, buyers put down an average of $700,000 as a down payment, a significant increase from June’s $420,000.
For those considering making Mission Hills their home, understanding the cost of living in this prestigious neighborhood is crucial. While the area commands a premium due to its desirability and location, many find the investment worthwhile for the lifestyle and community it offers.

Is Mission Hills a Buyer’s or seller’s market?

With recent data showing that buyer demand has lessened, San Diego and its surrounding communities like Mission Hills may experience a near-balanced market. For the last several years, the area has seen a strong seller’s market, predominantly brought on by historically low-interest rates and buyer demand from 2020.

Recent decreases in buyer demand may be attributed to the Federal Reserve’s increasing interest rates last year and this year, leading to buyer hesitation in many markets, including Mission Hills. However, it’s possible that interest rates may rise again before the end of 2023, so it’s important that buyers enter the market now to secure a better rate.

Home values by comparison

With homes worth close to millions in Mission Hills, it is not difficult to understand why this neighborhood is among the most elite in the city and the county. Mission Hills boasts one of the highest home value increases in San Diego County, at a staggering 5.7%.

In July of this year, the median sales prices of homes in the United States sat at just over $416,000 — well below the average in Mission Hills. This further shows that many will pay top dollar to experience Mission Hills’s exclusive, refined atmosphere and coastal location.

Market on the rise again

While the market seems to be stabilizing after several years of peaks and valleys, not to mention the fall, rise, and pause of interest rates and federal interest rate hikes, San Diego’s real estate market is thriving. While housing prices are still down from a year ago, they are up from only a few months ago, which is a good sign for both sellers and investors.

Buyers thinking about entering the Mission Hills market should feel confident that they are making a good investment, as this lucrative neighborhood’s real estate values are only increasing, leading to long-term equity and wealth for its residents. Sellers can feel good about listing their homes, as properties are receiving top dollar and are flying off the market.

Contact Emerson Group for your next real estate venture in Mission Hills

Buying or selling a home is a major life decision, and it’s vital to work with a local real estate professional to make sound financial decisions. A local real estate advisor will have insider knowledge of the area’s market trends and conditions.

With both experience and expertise in the San Diego real estate market, the Emerson Group is eager to help you successfully buy your next home or sell your property. Through the team’s exclusive services, investors will have access to invaluable data about investment properties, sellers will receive top-tier marketing plans, and buyers will have widely successful negotiation tactics at their disposal to ensure their offer is accepted.

Whether you are selling your San Diego property, hoping to diversify your investment portfolio, or looking at homes for sale in Mission Hills, the experts at Emerson Group can make the process as seamless and as stress-free as possible. Their number one priority is to exceed your expectations, and their consistent dedication to client satisfaction has made them one of the industry’s leading teams. Don’t hesitate to contact the Emerson Group today for your next real estate venture in San Diego.

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